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Cover Letter

DATE:    07-27-2022 TO:         Indeed FROM:   Mitchell Watrous, M. ED. RE:         Position: Remote Medical Laboratory Educator/Consultant Dear Indeed, My resume is attached somewhere in this application process. Below is a short synopsis of the relevant parts of my resume since it is quite long. I am still actively writing fiction and nonfiction books … but I would suspend authoring books to continue with a job like this. My background in laboratoryRead More


Corona Virus

STOP VIRTUALLY ALL VIRUSES … THE EASY WAY! The number-one problem is uninformed people … and just as bad … there are those who are misinformed. Then, there are those who do NOT KNOW where to find the information that they need to protect themselves and their families from the next designer disease. WOW! People are so wrong … if they think TV news is telling them all they needRead More


INFECTIOUS DISEASES … and their PREVENTIONS MADE EASY. It really is easy to avoid almost all contagious, infectious diseases … and after you finish this book … I am sure you will agree. And … NO … Wearing a face mask is not the answer to everything either! I do not hear people being told this … but a face mask is almost useless if people don’t wear it correctly.Read More