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It really is easy to avoid almost all contagious, infectious diseases … and after you finish this book … I am sure you will agree.

And … NO … Wearing a face mask is not the answer to everything either! I do not hear people being told this … but a face mask is almost useless if people don’t wear it correctly.

For example, many people can be seen on TV wearing a face mask that just covers their mouths but NOT their noses! The nose is an excellent pathway for a virus or bacteria to enter a person’s body to start an infection.

And, neither is hiding-out at home … eating a pound of Vitamin C … and worrying yourself to death.

There are only a few secrets to all of this … you just have to see how it is done … and I know you can do it! Get the brand new book shown at the end of this post.

I hope that people are not impatient … and are looking for solutions the length of a “tweet” … because it is important to take care of this short, sweet life (i.e., because death lasts forever).

You could go ahead and hide-out in your closet,  and tremble with fear … but, don’t be silly … anyone can apply these few, easy-to-understand simple solutions.

This will only take a little, easy investigation since the tactics in this book will work on almost all transmissible diseases anywhere in the world.

Just so you will know … expanded information about other troublesome diseases has been added to this book for people who may want to know.

The author has tried to keep the grammar at a level for public consumption.

For those who want big words … and in-depth research … they contact their Alma Mater or a local research facility.

However (in the digital eBook),  there are over 250 active links in there for further “light-scientific” investigation.

Those interested in going deeper into the subject matter … try contacting the authors or their bibliography at the end of their articles (i.e., in the active links).

Tired of getting sick all the time … or getting “disease-scared” … or fed a constant stream of misinformation by certain new media that have replaced “informed” news with “inflamed” news?

Some might ask, “If I have all of that TV information, why do I need this book?”

Great question …  but, let’s ask two more questions:

  1. Why do people “Catch” those contagious diseases in the first place?
  2. Would people “Not Catch” those diseases if they knew how “not to?”

This book shows people how they “Catch” those contagious infections and diseases in the first place. That information is almost never adequately explained anywhere.

But, the most important point is that this book shows what most people are almost never told: “What to do to “NOT CATCH” those contagious diseases in the first place!”

Wellll … “washing your hands” might not be quite enough. You would think that sort of information would be common knowledge, but it is not. This book helps to correct that problem.

More than likely, after you read this book, you will have the temptation to wake a few people up to conscious reality as they trip carelessly through your life’s activities.

A word of caution: Be careful … many people in today’s society seem to think that they can do whatever they want to do regardless of the consequences they cause to others.

The safest thing you can do is to make sure that you do not become a victim to the carelessness of others. This book helps you to avoid “Catching” the contagious diseases and infections that other people unknowingly spread around.

Stay well, get well, and live well.

By the time you finish reviewing this book, and all its links, you will know more about diseases, disease transmissions, and disease symptoms than 99.9% of all the students who graduate from all the health care programs in all the colleges and universities in the world.

That is easy for the author to say because he worked and taught in the diagnostic  health care field for over 40 years.  He has the advantage of knowing what is in the college curriculums of pre-med, nursing students, x-ray techs, lab techs, etc. He was an Assistant Professor, and Adjunct Professor, in more than ten colleges and universities nationwide.

Doctors, of course should already know this stuff, but there is no reason to keep this information secret from the public.

Let’s face it … doctors need to spend their time treating sick people. It is not their job to spend hours informing people how to avoid every disease under the sun.

The public is its own worst enemy in transmitting diseases around, but no one is really making much basic information available to the public (until now) … but that is usually with an apologetic dismissal that everyone should know how to wash their hands.

The public should understand a basic fact. Hospitals and doctors are not obliged to inform or educate the public about the wide range of diseases and disease transmissions, nor how to avoid  “catching” those diseases (or illnesses) in the first place. But, basically, they just do not have the time to educate everyone.

Their jobs are to treat and assist people who do get sick (or injured, or need surgery, etc.). That is how they make their money and establish their reasons for existence.

Make no mistake about it; we need them. However, we can stay well a whole lot more than we have been doing by following a few simple rules.

Rule #1: Learn how to avoid catching a contagious disease in the first place.

Rule #2: Learn how to recognize disease symptoms, and then to get help.

Rule #3: Go back to Rule #1.

Yes, some hospitals (and some doctors) do support “health and wellness” programs.  You just need to take a look at those programs to determine their value … based on their “health” focus.

If you like huff-and-puff exercise programs,  how to eat right, and diagnostic testing, then that is basically what you will find in “wellness” programs.  You will seldom find comprehensive disease prevention advice beyond “wash your hands.”

And, with that being said … the common sense assumption is that people already know how to wash their hands … but most people do not know how to do it correctly, or effectively!

The value of these “wellness” programs is that many of them do provide values for continued health and healthy living that could extend your life. However, you will seldom find out much more about a wide range of illnesses (and diseases) that you could be avoiding.

It is true that there are usually costs for these services, but many are covered by insurance programs. Various types of diagnostic tests may uncover hidden problems that can be treated since diet and exercise will NOT “fix” everything.

There are many times that we need doctors and hospitals for accidents, diseases, and other things that may be unpreventable.

However, this book deals with the uncountable number of situations that people “catch” diseases and illnesses simply because they do not know they are in danger. A healthy body can help recover from a disease, but it will not prevent many contagious diseases.

Would anyone walk into a sinkhole if they saw it, or stand under a falling rock?

No! Would people expose themselves to a disease or illness if they knew it was potentially there? No.

If the information in this book prevents just one trip to a doctor’s office, a person could save themselves ten to a hundred times more than the small cost of this book,  (i.e., a good latte and donuts).

In the Preface to the book, Dr. W. G. Price is correct in his observation that many human illnesses are easy to understand.

That is true for the trained eye of a certified pathologist or clinical scientist. However, that is not true for the average citizens of the world in any country.

If the U.S. government gets its way, and we wind up with universal health coverage for all citizens, you may long for the day when you had to wait in a doctor’s office for the doctor you wanted to help you.

With uncontrolled healthcare for all U.S. citizens (or others who just happen to be here), we may stand in long lines outside doctors’ waiting rooms.

Every little sniffle or tingle will be headed for a doctor’s office visit. Be warned … science cannot continually develop “pills” for everything that comes along to steal a person’s life away.

Many people do not even know how they got sick or where they “caught” it.

But now, they can have a much better idea to protect themselves with the information presented in this brand new book.

People have been heard to complain, “Now, I wonder where in the #@!&! I caught this *%&#!% infection!

By the time people complete this book they may realize that they could have been in contact with something weeks ago … and they are just now getting symptoms!

But, because of different disease incubation periods, it is easy to forget a place or situation where contact with an infectious germ could have occurred … especially with the speed of airline travel.

Stay healthy, my friends, you could live longer that way.

There is an explosion of populations coming, and an explosion of illnesses and diseases are coming with them. They may destroy, devour , and deplete the planet … unless people learn how to protect themselves against contagious germ transmissions.

Increases in worldwide populations, and the propagation of diseases, will be accompanied by massive government legislation and control in order to manage dwindling resources.

Diseases and famines will increase worldwide. People who are prepared will have a better chance of surviving because they will know what to avoid. Expect an increasing scarcity of drugs and medications which will compound treatments and survival.

We all need to develop a different attitude about infections, illnesses, and diseases because there are ways to improve our lives in spite of them.

We need to stop thinking of hospitals and doctors in terms of “illness-prevention.” Health-care-recovery is their business.

Their business is SICK CARE.  Their jobs are to help us get well when we become sick or injured.  “Sick” prevention comes in the form of:

  1. Vaccinations,
  2. Personal knowledge about infections, illnesses, and disease prevention,
  3. Personal knowledge applied to “sickness” prevention.

Injuries may require a multitude of different medical approaches and disciplines of medicine (i.e. non-invasive procedures as well as surgery) … but infectious disease prevention is not all that difficult … people just need to learn a few very important things.

If you get this book:

Pay particular attention to Chapter 1, and bookmark it. It will contain much information and many links which you will need to refer to as you proceed through this extensive information about infections, illnesses, and diseases.

Why is it important to have these bookmark links handy?

There are so many contagious diseases … that if all of them and their symptoms were included in this book … it would be thousands of pages long.

Therefore, it is much easier to have the information close at hand for quick referral.

If you want to get this book for you and your family  … without having to receive 50 emails to try convince you that you can do something for yourself … here is an image of the book and the link to get it.

Get your instant download digital copy today * … just click here: Disease Prevention Secrets


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Best of life and health to you … and stay well,

Prof. M. L. Watrous